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As a speciality coffee house, we take pride in our coffee.

With a choice of beans and milks we are sure you'll enjoy them as much as we do. 


We research our beans from the best roasteries in the North of England and beyond. The Lake District has many coffee roasters, with a selection for every pallete. Our aim is to showcase some of these amazing roasteries for you. 

We wanted accessibility to quality coffees, with a varying range of flavours and depth. Coffee is more complex than wine for flavours, so a slight change in the growing elevation of the beans or a different method of roasting will bring out a varied flavour within the same beans. 

Once every six weeks we will be changing our 'Guest' roast to showcase this flavour extravaganza!

Check back to see what todays Guest roast is, and which roastery we have gotten it from. 

And if you like the flavour, why not pick up a bag to take home with you?

House Roast and Decaf

Our house roast has been chosen after sampling a lot of coffee. We looked specifically for a rounded, even coffee. One that works exceptionally well in short drinks, like a noisette or a flat white, to longer drinks, like americano and latte. Our search led us to Carringtons Coffee Company, based in Carnforth. Everything they do ticked all of our boxes, from direct trade coffee to reusable tubs for our coffee. So local, in fact, that they can deliver to us personally!

House Roast: Doghouse Single Origin

Country: Brazil

Region: Mogiano

Altitude: 1000 metres

Variety: Mundo Nova

Tasting Notes: Toasted coconut flakes with a slightly sweet chocolate after taste. Rich, buttery and full. 

Decaf: Swiss Water Decaf

Country: Colombia

Region: Colmbia Excelsia

Altitude: 1000 metres

Variety: Castillo, Caturra and Colombia

Process: Swiss Water washed

Tasting notes: Undertones of Caramel with high notes of cream, almond and lemon. 

Visit Carringtons Coffee Company here!


Current Guest Roast
February/March 2024

For the first time in our history, we are having two guest roasts, back to back, from the same roaster!

Madness, I hear you cry! 

Well, there is a reason for this. The first of our guests is a very Limited Edition which, once its gone, is gone. 

This roaster is not that far from us either, and based in Keswick. Ran by the lovely Jiri, it's a small batch roastery specialising in bespoke and single origin coffees. 

Guest Roast: Grange Fell

Country: Timor

Region: Cristio Liuri 

Altitude: 1500-1600 metres

Variety: Timor hybrid

Tasting notes: A strong pear flavour dropping to a jasmine sweetness. Then as the coffee cools, the pear flavour hits again. What a rollercoaster!

Visit Darkhouse Coffee here.

Filter Coffee

Filter? YES! Filter! After living and working in Europe, one thing we experienced was the accessibility of good quality, affordable coffee. This is definately something we are bringing to the masses in Windermere. 

This isn't your 1970's insipid coffee with little taste. This is a punchy wake up call from our roasters, Carringtons Coffee Co, with full flavour and a hit to the system. Lovely!

Filter Roast: The Rookery Blend

Beans: 25% Doghouse - 75% Java

Tasting Notes: Undertones of caramel, with high notes of molasses and earthy tones. 

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